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your moral position and i understand that each of us is sympathetic to it. the moral quandary, obviously we'll have to explore that. we've got a lot of government exploration to do and a lot of government issues to overcome. thank you very much. i hope you both will come back as we discuss this issue in the weeks ahead. >> thank you. >> and bishop jackson, we're awflul delighted that the outcome was extraordinary positive. >> thank you. >>> brook? >> lou, we want to show you video that is, quite trang frankly, tough to watch here. this is amateur video of the midair collision of the small plane colliding with a sightseeing helicopter. five italian tourists and the pilot in that chopper were killed. three people in the plane died in the crash. they are hoping that this new video will show how this accident happened. >>> quite a scene in california. massive wildfires burning in northern california this evening. firefighters still battling the fast-moving fire near the santa cruz mountains. the blaze, which started last night, has now charred 2300 acres. it's about 3 1/2 square m
it called a sincere apology for the journalist's actions on the border back in march. the former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, john bolton, immediately criticized president clinton's visit, saying the trip is what he called a significant propaganda victory for north korea. dan lothian has our report from the white house. >> reporter: it was a secret mission by a high level envoy. former president clinton, even as he was getting flowers on his arrival in north korea, the white house was mum. no details, no confirmation until almost ten hours later. why this delicate diplomatic dance? >> this obviously is a very sensitive topic. we will hope to provide some more detail at a later point. our focus right now is on ensuring the safety of the two journalists that are in north korea right now. >> reporter: according to sources intimately involved with the efforts, this was the culmination of weeks of quiet diplomacy, and that senator john kerry, chairman of the foreign relations committee, was also closely involved. one expert suggests the deal was virtually done before former pres
, the justice department declassifies an internal cia report on interrogation tactics used on terrorists in the bush administration. >>> tonight they're appointing a prosecutor who was assigned if any legal action is taken. >>> president obama gives the go-ahead for a special interrogation unit that will operate out of the fbi and will report directly to the white house. >>> and few less than president obama's cabinet. so who is helping the president tonight? >>> the associated press is reporting that the l.a. county coroner has ruled michael jackson's death a homicide. the news could mean criminal charges for jackson's personal doctor, dr. conrad murray. murray was in the house with jackson when he died. there are also more details contained in a search warrant, and court documents unsealed today. we have complete coverage tonight with randy in los angeles, and senior legal analyst jeffrey tubin in new york. first randy with the very latest. randy, what can you tell us? >> i know you mentioned the report by the associated press saying the death has been ruled a homicide. i do want to po
used to drag around -- >> i told her to keep the leg, because when i get done with her legally in court, she's not going to have another leg to stand on. >> reporter: jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> 2.5 million have voted for the cnn national report card. i'll be back with coverage in one hour. let's go to the lou. >>> good evening, everybody. president obama's pole numbers are plunging after 200 days in office. his critics say the president has lost control of his agenda. we'll have complete coverage for you. three top political analysts will be here. also, the showdown over the president's health care plan is turning nasty. the democratic national committee saying republicans have called out the mob. a leading republican senator accuseless the white house of compiling an enemy's list. and rising anger after a federal judge has ordered the state of california to free tens of thousands of prisoners, almost one-third of the state's prison population. we'll have that special report. >>> but first, 200 days into his presidency, barack obama faces a major test of leadership. the pre
corporate jets although the air force wanted only one. the gulf stream 550 luxury jets will be used to transport top officials and members of congress. lisa sylvester has our report. >> reporter: remember this? the ceos of the big three automakers exchanged jets for cars after they were attacked for using company planes to get to congressional hearings in washington. lawmakers said it didn't look good that they were flying in style, asking for bailout money. >> couldn't y'all have downgraded to first class or jetpooled or something to get here? it would have at least sent a message that you do get it. >> good question. a question congress might ask itself as it faces a rising budget deficit. >> lawmakers on the house appropriations committee signed off to spend nearly $200 million to buy three new gulfstream jets as part of the defense appropriations bill. those private planes are to be assigned to the air force units that about 20% of the time shuttle congressional members around the country and the world. taxpayer watchdog pete sept thinks it's ridiculous. >> apparently, congress
'll be joined by three of the top political analysts who will tell us whether the president has lost the battle for health care legislation. >>> and chaos in california. from fires to prison riots, a wild animal invasion. did we mention california's massive budget problems? we'll have that special report. >>> we begin tonight with the president taking his taee ing he plans to the west. he was at a town hall meeting in belgrade, montana. the president challenged the way in which television news organizations are covering town hall meetings being covered by congressman. president obama says tv loves a ruckus, as he put it. but the president said nothing new about his health care proposals. ed henry traveling with the president reports from big sky, montana. >> reporter: the president's town hall was gentle by congressional standards, but he did get one pointed question about his health reform plan. >> we keep getting the bull. that's all we get, is bull. you can't tell us how you're going to pay for this. the only way you're going to get that money is to raise our taxes. you said you wouldn't. >>
the recession will end this year, but the cost of getting us out of recession will be high. that's one reason our national debt is expected to now double in the next ten years. louise schiavone reports. >> reporter: the news about federal red ink is out and it's gloomy. the federal deficit is expected to register $1.6 trillion this year, a figure generally accepted by both the white house budget office and the nonpartisan congressional budget office. and although that's lower than january's forecast, it's still more than three times as high as last year's deficit. >> the government is borrowing 40 cents out of every dollar it's spending this year. you know, that's just -- that's off the charts. and unfortunately, this is happening at a time when we're about to experience significant long-term problems with the budget as the baby boomers retire. >> reporter: analysts agree that every year, those retirement costs, along with the exploding costs of medicare and medicaid, weigh every more heavily on the federal government. former cbo director rudy penner says however unpopular, the programs have
agreement. congressional sources tell us this is just one of many possibilities now being considered by the democratic leadership and the white house. >>> in a move that some fear to be outright retaliation for opposing the president's health care proposals, a congressional committee led by congressman henry waxman sent a letter to dozens of the country's private health insurance companies demand demanding financial information on their employees. the letters reportedly not sent to other industry groups some of which support the president's plan. a copy of the waxman letter obtained by "lou dobbs tonight" shows that congress wants to know the salary, the bonus, stock option, pension and other compensation arrangements of every employee making more than a million dollars a year between the years 2003 and 2008. that letter gives health insurers a september 4th deadline to comply. the companies are not legally obligated to do so without a congressional subpoena, however. no comment tonight from the insurance companies involved. >>> one of the leaders in the fight for universal health ca
wian joins us now live with a report. >> reporter: that massive wildfire just behind me in the angeles national forest is spreading rapidly. at this point, firefighters aren't sure how to get it under control. the wildfire choking most of southern california with smoke is not the typical blaze. this fire is being fueled by brush that hasn't burned in years. they've named it the station fire. it's unusually unpredictable and creating its own wind patterns, so firefighters are unable to attack the flames and instead are using defensive tactics. >> we're waiting for the fire to burn to places where we can control it. the fire is able to move several miles in just a few hours, the same terrain would take you a day to move through it and this fire can move through it in two hours. so we can't put our people on the ground in a situation where they can be easily overrun by the fire. >> reporter: two firefighters were killed over the weekend. even so, some residents ignored evacuation notices. >> something you can't even describe, being stuck in a house with the flames and laying on the floor
information on anyone using a federal government website. >>> we begin tonight with the president's own town hall meeting on health care. president obama immediately striking back at critics who oppose his health care agenda. the president accused opponents of spreading what he called wild misrepresentations. but the president didn't provide any new answers on his health care proposals. he also failed to explain how his administration will tackle the almost $60 trillion in unfunded liabilities already facing the nation. dan lothian, traveling with the president, reports now from portsmouth, new hampshire. >> reporter: responding to criticism that he's not answering tough questions in his town halls, president obama called for dissent. >> i don't want people thinking i just have a bunch of plants in here. >> reporter: even then, the questions were mostly friendly. although this republican in the audience was concerned that a public option would hurt private insurers. >> because who can compete with the government? the answer is nobody. >> reporter: as demonstrators for and against health care
and the motorcades lined its way to boston. our own john king joins us from the kennedy presidential library. john, describe the scene. what is it like there tonight? >> it's a fascinating mix, lisa. inside you can see the senator's wife, the widow, still in there grieving. most are from massachusetts but some from overseas as they pass by the casket, the senator edward kennedy, it was more of a celebration. people are telling stories and caroline kennedy, bobby kennedy, members of the shriver family. and as you mentioned, the family came here later at 5:00 eastern time. he was brought inside by a military honor guard. the family had time to pray and reflect inside and now we're told more than 1600 members of the public have passed by. there are more than 12,000 people, we are told, in the line outside. there are supposed to be 12 hours of viewing over two days but the family says they will keep it opened as long as there are people waiting in line. now as we have two days of tribute, then the funeral mass on sunday, there is speculation, of course, as to what comes next for the state of massachus
of information out there and it should be used. >> we're going to continue to shed light on all of this and look forward to your doing so tomorrow evening. thank you very much. kitty pilgrim. >>> tonight we're looking at the personal income tax rates in those countries with those health care systems, public health care systems that we have examined. five of those six countries have a higher income tax rate than we have in this country. the maximum personal income tax rate in the united states currently is 35%. canada's tax rate is actually below ours, 29%. in france, the rate is 40%. the united kingdom tax rate reaching a maximum of 40%. the highest tax rate is in germany, is in germany, is 45%. and the netherlands income tax rate is 52%. and in den mamark, the tax rate there, 59%. we'll continue our look at health care systems of other country, public health care systems. tomorrow we examine the state of health care in switzerland. the health care debate in this country enflaming passions of both sides, of course. that divide can clearly be seen at these town hall meetings all across the countr
-time low at 51%. june r joining us our team of reporters covering the story. ed henry, dana bash and jessica yell yellin. ed, what are the numbers from the white house. plunging poll number reversal and seeming reversals on the public option, to the point it's unclear to many exactly where the white house is. >> robert gibbs insisted today the president is still hopeful he can get a bipartisan deal. the fact of the matter is, as you know, advisers to this president are privately very actively considering that option you're talking about muscling it through the senate with the simple majority instead of 60 votes. the reason they're doing that, they're not in broad r good shape despite what they're saying publicly. in fact speech after speech, pr offensive after pr offensive. this health reform is not selling to republicans or some conservative democrats. not so much the republicans have been against the president they've been against him since essentially day one it's conservative democrats in the middle that are not buying are this. >> what has changed that the democrats are talk
executives for using corporate aircraft. we'll have that special report. >>> we begin tonight with the return of two american journ journalists from captivity in north korea. president obama today declared he's extraordinarily relieved at their release. north korea pardoned them at former president bill clinton flew to pyongyang. the journalists, laura ling and euna lee, flew home to california with president clinton after spending five months in a north korean prison. laura ling described what happened just before they were set free. >> we feared that at any moment we could be sent to a hard labor camp and then, suddenly, we were told that we were going to a meeting. >> well,ling said that meeting was with president clinton. the obama administration insist it made no deals with pyongyang to secure their release. dan lothian has our report from the white house. >> reporter: i'm just not going to get into that right now. i don't have anything more to add on this at this time. this was a private mission. >> reporter: but, in fact, the government was deeply involved from the start. >> it was an
" tomorrow, 6:00 p.m. eastern. we'll speak with the only u.s. lawmaker to monitor the elections in afghanistan. i'm wolf blitzer in "the situation room." up next, "lou dobbs tonight." >> thanks, wolf. millions of residents on the east coast over the united states tonight are bracing for hurricane bill. it is a monster storm over 100 miles wide with hurricane-force winds of 110 miles an hour. >>> plus, another blow to president obama's health care plans. new polls show confidence in the president's leadership is plunging to fresh lows. also, the recovery -- the economy is recovering from recession. where are the jobs? and tonight we continue our series of special reports, "dobbs and jobs" now. >>> but first, president obama's agenda from health care to energy to the economy is under fire tonight with new polls showing increasing opposition to his plans. after a tough week, struggling to sell his agenda through town hall conferences -- conference calls, media interviews, the president leaves washington for a ten-day vacation, and leaves behind an increasingly bitter fight over hea
constico constituents are doing the same. >> if we let people like that direct us, we are doomed. >> the congress that we got today reminds me of a jackass running in the kentucky derby. >> reporter: and many are convinced illegal immigrant also be covered. >> they have not stripped illegal aliens from some of the bill. >> why are we inviting 15 million illegal invaders who broke the law into our health care system? >> we're not going to do that. >> reporter: boyd says he's committed to passing something. >> you got to reform the current system. >> reporter: he prefers an exchange to the current option. >> exchange works well and allow them to keep their own health care coverage if they like it. >> reporter: otherwise, he's holding his cards close to his vest. >> until we see what the senate does and what might come to the house floor. >> reporter: and lou, today allen boyd took heat from some on the left who criticized him for opposing a public option. for some members, on this issue they are stuck between a rock and hard place. >> the blue dogs, they're not coming out of this t
of so-called health care reform or overhaul, and aarp spokesman tells us they aren't surprised. he said it's not uncommon for large numbers of their members to quit when the organization takes a position on a controversial issue. the aarp, however, has not officially taken a position, but does support so-called health care reform. aarp will be with us here tomorrow to join in a face-off debate on proposed health care plans. >>> democrats today continuing their attacks on those who express opposition to the president's plans. congressman jerry nadler blasted americans who go to town hall meetings to air their viewses on the issues. he told the "huffing post," it is fascist, it is a fascist tactic. it's exactly what they did in weimar, germany, it is a fascist tactic not to disagree with you, or to say you are an idiot or whatever, but to shut you up." nadler's office says the congress wasn't calling the protesters fascists, he met their tactics were fascists. >>> co-ops are non-profit member-run groups usually on the local level. critics say the co-op isn't a practical option on the nati
shows 23% strongly favor obama's health plan while 33% strongly oppose. >> they are using their displeasure with the aspects of this plan to kind of express their misgivings about the obama administration and what they see as a big government agenda being driven by the obama administration. >> and the people are speaking out, not only at town hall meetings but also through the internet. the house of representatives website e-mail system has been so jammed, overloaded with those constituent's e-mails. lou? >> thank you very much, lisa. lisa sylvester from washington. much more on the show down over health care. we'll have a special report and that the president plan as he a asserts. and do americans have a moral right to health care and does the federal government have a moral responsibility to provide it? >>> also, a report on the health care system of japan. stay with us. to stay on top of my game after 50, i switched to a complete multivitamin with more. only one a day men's 50+ advantage... has gingko for memory and concentration. plus support for heart health. that's a
around but that is the number that they are using right now. we heard what summers and geithner said over the weekend. the white house saying nothing has changed. >> nothing has changed? it sounds like something is changing. we just don't know what. >> reporter: exactly, something is going on behind the scenes. perhaps we don't have all the answers. >> i know one thing, you will get them. >> reporter: i will try. >> thanks. dan lothian from the white house. >>> as dan just reported, the president has repeatedly declare he has in no plans to raise taxes on middle-class americans. here's one example of his rhetoric from a campaign event in do every, new hampshire, last september. >> and i can make a firm pledge u , under my plan, no family making less than $250,000 a year will see any form of tax increase, not your income tax, not your payroll tax, not your capital gains taxes, not any of your taxes. >> now, that was candidate obama. now, let's listen to what president obama was saying at a news conference just last month on july 22nd. president obama clearly recal bragt his language on the
of his stimulus plan. >> this morning, we received additional signs that the worst may be behind us. >> reporter: while 247,000 more people lost jobs in july, the president noted that's far better than what he inherited. >> we're losing jobs at less than half the rate we were when i took office. we've pulled the financial system back from the brink. while we've rescued our economy from catastrophe, we've also begun to build a new foundation for growth. >> reporter: republicans insist the stimulus may be working on the margins, but has not provided the jolt the president originally promised. >> you have to define "working." i mean, they've set the bar that says we're going to have the second grade depression and we didn't, so it has to be working. >> reporter: while the president acknowledged there's a long way to go, he struck a very optimistic tone. >> i am convinced we'll see a light at the end of the tunnel, but now we'll have to move forward with confidence and conviction to reach the promise of a new day. >> reporter: but greg thompson, a heavy machinery operator, suggests that
. >> a state department spokesman tonight told us, quote, the secretary's remarks stand on their own. >>> as we reported to you earlier, the president's poll numbers continue to fall. a new gallup poll shows the president's job ap vl pro has fallen to 53%. the latest rasmussen puts it even lower, 48%. one of those reasons for the declining poll numbers is rising concern about the president's agenda which is meeting strong resistance. a leading republican senator, senator charles grassley today reported people are scared by the president's health care plan and other policies. senator grassley making that comment at a town hall meeting in his home state of high wa. candy crowley reports from iowa. >> if it's okay with you, i'll get started. >> reporter: winterset, iowa, grassley holds his 72nd town hall meeting this year. and what a year. >> we're here at a time when i sense people are scared for our country. >> reporter: the stimulus plan, bailouts, government spending and now health care. grassley has been getting two, sometimes three times the crowds he's had in previous years. many people, so
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in tripoli today. and the u.s. government said it was a good day to remember the families of the flight. what's your reaction? >> the families certainly will remember this day. they'll remember the day that the murderer of their children and their relatives and whomever is close to them was released for humanitarian purposes. i think it is absolutely despicable this person was not allowed to do what is required, which is to rot in jail. >> why didn't the obama administration absolutely say no way? >> this is called let's not make trouble. they won't like it in tripoli. too bad. >> it's interesting, he doesn't do moral outrage that well. we know about -- >> -- talking about health care, he's doing moral outrage there. >> well, moral appeal, very different kind of a thing. >> oh, okay. >> the notion of no drama obama, you know, he's always kind of cool, not always very emotional. this is a time where it starts to show. the honduran coup is another one. why isn't our leader out there screaming? showing us he's as angry as every american is right now? why isn't -- why did he permit the british --
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and then they came down and visited with us. devastating blow to both of my parents. my sister, kathleen, had volunteered for the red cross a year earlier, because of her real outrage of the war. kathleen was lost just after the w war. just a day doesn't go by where i'm not thoughtful about them and don't miss them. i mean, i do, in a very, very real way. people have a lot of challenges, a lot of heartache during the course of their lives, and still try and reach out and help other people. and that's sort of a central kind of a theme in the course of our development. i remember the days of high school, i always wanted to run for office. i would say probably in college, i really became most interested in politics. >> there's no stopping the touchdown, ted kennedy, brother of massachusetts senator john kennedy. all of us played sports. in our family, all of the boys and girls were all treated they equally. there was a strong, sort of pecking order. i mean, people understood that. plus being the youngest member of the family made the press more conscious of that. they always take to me being the
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